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Do you see clients in-person or virtually?


Currently, I am only seeing clients virtually through a HIPPA secure online portal. 


If you primarily are looking for in-person sessions, please specify in your request or initial intake call, so I can make appropriate referrals for you! 

What is teletherapy like?


Research shows that you still can have just as effective of a therapeutic relationship online as in person. 

Clients have shared that it takes 1-2 sessions to get used to this form of therapy; to work past the awkwardness of being online instead of in-person and normalize technology glitches. But then this “new normal” really does feel routine. I ask my clients to ensure they are in a private, safe environment where they are the only person in the room. I also invite clients to get cozy! Find a chair or corner of your room that is your dedicated therapy space. Make tea, curl up in a cozy blanket, invite your pets to be in your lap.

What is a session like with you?


All sessions last 50 minutes. The first few meetings are an assessment period where I gather background information about yourself and what brought you to seek counseling. Once we hit our groove, sessions typically include a check-in about your previous week, assessing your needs for our time together, then working on goals we’ve set for your treatment. We often practice skills or mindfulness practices together during the session. Tears, laughter, and all emotions are encouraged.

How involved are parents if my teen is seeking individual therapy?


The teen is the primary client and the majority of sessions will be between the teen and myself. When appropriate, we will hold joint sessions with parents, teen, and myself present. The teen and I will check-in with parents once a month to provide treatment updates during regularly scheduled sessions. Additional parent communication with myself is welcome and is charged at $50 per 30 minute consultation.

Is individual therapy or family therapy a better fit for my needs?


Teen Individual Therapy: One identified client with goals only for that client. Parents are involved in teen individual therapy to receive treatment updates from the therapist.

Parent Individual Therapy: A parent is interested in goals for themselves specific to parenting. The child does not participate in any treatment.

Family Therapy: Both the parent and teen have goals to work towards in their relationship. Both the parent and teen are willing to engage treatment involving their own practices and change.

What is your rate for a session?


My individual Therapy rate is $160 per session. I do provide a limited number of sliding scale spots for individual therapy. Please indicate in your request if you’re interested in discussing this option. My Family Therapy rate is $200 per session.

Do you take insurance?


I am not in network with any insurance panels, but am happy to discuss options for you to submit an out-of-network claim with your insurance company. I encourage you to contact your insurance company and ask about the reimbursement rate of out-of-network providers.

You didn't answer my question!


Oh no! Let’s fix that - use my contact form below to schedule a free intake appointment with me and I’ll be sure to address any other questions you may have.

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